One of the most freeing, and fun, habits that I developed after Aingeal and I started dating was meal planning. Since I love to talk about food, what I’m making, what I want to make, and what just didn’t come out quite right, I figure that posting my meal plans here and talking about our dietary choices will be constructive.

Several things go into our meal planning: cost, taste, and health being the biggest. Someday I would like ethics to play a bigger role in my decision making, but that (currently) is precariously balanced with cost. For the last couple years I’ve been eating a semi-vegetarian, which has a lot of hills and valleys. Aingeal, while respecting my choices, has a lot of issues with the concept of a vegetarain diet (and don’t even say vegan in his presence). My reasons were primarily cost and health, with a good dose of ethics, but the cost thing didn’t work out like I’d hoped, because Aingeal isn’t enchanted by vegetarian cooking. He also seems convinced that vegetarian cuisine isn’t tasty.

We’ve had many heated discussions about this.

So, for several reasons, I’ve been cooking less vegetarian food. I’ve also found myself eating more meat than I like to. I’ve been eating meat at least one meal per day for the last few months, which is much more than I wanted. I had cut myself back to one meal per week. Now that we don’t have roommates or wedding planning, I’m shifting our meal choices.

How do I plan our meals? Typically I plan three to four dinners per week, and then we will eat two to three meals as leftovers and sometimes one meal out. Leftovers work great for us, because Aingeal is a chef and he works most evenings. I’m also usually on campus at least two evenings a week. Leftovers let us eat no matter when we get home, and they take the stress off of feeding ourselves when the day has been long an mean.

Here’s what I have planned for the coming week:

Minestrone with Oatmeal Toasting Bread – The fall weather is finally hinting at winter here in St. Louis, so I’ve found myself craving a big pot of soup. I’ve never made minestrone, and it’s been so long since I’ve had it. It sounds hearty and delicious and wonderful. I’m going to try the recipe that Kath just posted on Kath East Real Food. Because soup demands bread, and I haven’t made a good loaf of homemade bread in a while, I’m going to make some of Farmgirl Susan’s Oatmeal Toasting Bread. So much yum.

Skillet Gardener’s Pie – One of my all time favorite casseroles. Just as tasty as Shepherd’s Pie (or Cottage Pie), but less heavy and more veggie-full. This makes a huge amount, and I usually get two days of leftovers out of it.

Quiche – I haven’t made quiche in a while. I’m thinking some broccoli, cheddar, and potato quiche sounds tasty. I might have enough greens to do a small side salad with it, since I’m getting spinach for the other two meals.

Pumpkin pancakes with bacon and scrambled eggs – This is actually our Thanksgiving day breakfast. But the leftover pancakes will likely be around for another meal. I usually make oatmeal pancakes, but ’tis the season for pumpkin!