This is a recipe that I’ve become very found of for having a “quick” loaf of homemade bread with dinner.  Stephen, over at Stephen Cooks, adapted a pizza dough recipe to create a tasty focaccia recipe that’s ready in about two hours.  While there are some longer focaccia recipes out there, which I’m sure will bring out more of the wheat’s fantastic flavor (such as Peter Reinhardt’s formula in The Bread Baker’s Apprentice), I discovered Stephen’s adaptation through one of Susan‘s posts on A Year in Bread.  Since I was only just starting to play with artisan breads, I was excited to find an adaptation that I could make after work with a pot of tomato basil soup.

I highly recommend Stephen’s recipe.  It’s a very easy flatbread recipe, and focaccia gives you lots of room for safe creativity as far as toppings and add-ins go.  I made it the other night with a big pot of cabbage soup and a loaf of this bread. Aingeal declared that he was going to use what was left to make a Panini, and sure enough, that’s what we had for dinner the next night.  It made a superb Panini!